Pleasure Disparity

In the wake of #MeToo, countless brave women have come forward with personal accounts of sexual assault and harassment. The details of their stories vary, but a pleasure imbalance ties their stories together: Men leave satisfied while women leave dissatisfied, objectified, uncomfortable, hurt, or silenced.

This poster series and publication investigates the roots of this pleasure disparity by examining the state of sexual education, the socialization of boys and girls, and the accepted expectation that women might endure discomfort both in sexual encounters and in society as a whole.

Created for MCAD’s Typography course within the Master of Graphic and Web Design program. Spring 2018.


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Hodgepodge Magazine


Hodgepodge Volume 1, 2017. Self published.


Hodgepodge celebrates the passion and talent of strong women through visual and written works. Conceived in the Cascade mountains of Washington state and designed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this publication unites seemingly disparate topics under one cover to draw more attention to fascinating, challenging, and beautiful phenomena in life.